profvmo seduzione

Mystery and magnetism come together to create this new collection of sensual fragrances that are a declaration of intent for captivating and enigmatic men and women. Fragrances that arouse sensations from the first moment and are difficult to forget, rich and opulent compositions that are transformed into two passionate perfumes with charisma and personality.


Pure elegance and good taste, Titto Bluni Profumo Uomo and Titto Bluni Profumo Donna have been created with unique care for those men and women who see elegance as an attitude, as an essence that lasts in time, that can transcend borders and bring cultures together under a single umbrella of style and good taste.


Absolute, pure, essential... Characteristics desired and valued by men and women in their search for themselves. Passionately living life and turning dreams into realities to be shared is already part of the Titto Bluni lifestyle. Assoluto by Titto Bluni gathers the quintessence of everything that is unique into two clearly defined fragrances aimed at men and women willing to share their dreams in a frantic world in search of references. Fragrances that complement and mark a personal style committed to good taste and elegance as a statement of being. Titto Bluni Assoluto, Pure Elegance.

Sitting on the seashore, feeling the salt breeze and listening to the crashing waves is a truly spectacular experience. It evokes memories of happy summer days and an unparalleled sense of serenity. Titto Bluni's new Acqua collection is inspired by getting away from it all on a desert island. Like strolling along a stunning white sandy beach, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. These two fragrances are designed for men with style and good taste, combining masculine appeal with contemporary elegance.

The underlying warmth of this men’s fragrance is enhanced with oriental and spicy touches. A very emblematic and eternal scent designed for authentic, real men..

A cool and simple men’s fragrance with woody hints, an irresistible combination that seduces wherever it goes. Its raw naturalness and hints of spice are what make it both unique and different