A man with an indomitable character who makes himself noticed and a rich and provocative perfume unite in an explosive and passionate seduction. Titto Bluni Profumo Seduzione Uomo is a captivatingly masculine fragrance with a nocturnal hint and character. Uncompromising virility and sensuality. The key to the irresistible in the form of a fragrance. The firm personality of its citrus top note emerges in a middle dominated by the exotic scent of plumeria and sweet white flowers. An irresistible base of vanilla and coconut with a hint of musk shapes this unforgettable and irresistible creation.


A nod to the old values on which high perfumery rests, adapted to new trends. A classic concept, elegant, sophisticated, and very masculine, but within the chords marked by good taste and exquisite details. A stunning aromatic top note of bergamot and rosemary are the setting for this elegant fragrance by Titto Bluni. Soft sea notes surface, while spicy ginger chords give a surprising touch to this perfume’s middle note. An intense patchouli and incense base note, tempered by a soft and timeless musk, provide the closure to this elegant masculine fragrance.

Its fresh citrus floral top note with tangerine and bergamot is a breath of fresh air for the senses. Refreshing hints that slowly become powerful and very masculine thanks to the woody chords from its body. The unmistakable scent of cinnamon becomes here a delicious bridge to aromatic soft sandalwood and sweet vanilla hints.


Assoluto Uomo, a hint of maturity and seduction. A warm, woody, sensual fragrance that combines the impetuosity of spicy notes with the warmth of deeper aromas. A dual character that combines a fresh finish with orange and birch notes that contrast with its floral heart that melts violets and lavender to give it a more aromatic body. Its intense background is a rich mixture of leather and exotic woods that takes us to richly sensual places. Extremely masculine and seductive.


An elegant composition with warm and woody notes such as apple, cinnamon and sandalwood.


The firm and spicy accord of ginger and the nutmeg is balanced with hints of mint and lavender, complementing an enigmatic background of fine woods and vanilla, giving body to this sensual fragrance.


 Enjoyable, simple and full of energy. The pure and intense marine aroma begins with an explosion of freshness present in the green and watery notes that rest on an elegant base of guaiac and licorice wood. A truly unforgettable fragrance.


Irresistible mix of fresh notes of mint and grapefruit with a delicious touch of spice.