A woman conscious of her beauty with a strong and independent femininity and a captivating and suggestive perfume are found in this game of contrasts and sensations. Titto Bluni Profumo Seduzione Donna is a provocative and charismatic fragrance made for powerful women who achieve what they set out to do. Captivating essence, a declaration of intent for this floral scent.The flirtatious and distinctive citrus notes and the aphrodisiac chocolate are intertwined with a suggestive fruity scent of apple and raspberries and the femininity of the rose. As a finishing note, we reach a base with elegant and sweet hints of vanilla and cashmere that make this fragrance an unforgettable experience.




Elegant and feminine in all its forms, sophisticated in its finishes, and with olfactory chords designed with the sole purpose of delighting the senses. Essences capable of satisfying our most primal aspirations. Sensuality and elegance, qualities inherent to the Titto Bluni woman, are reflected in this perfume conceived for subtle and discreet seduction. Like awakening on spring days, floral hints flood the senses in a top note that leads to more velvety and intense roses and peaches hints. This olfactory experience ends with chypre and patchouli chords, as sensual as they are suggestive..


Assoluto Donna, a pure and exquisitely feminine composition, this fragrance can be applied at any time of day, turning monotony into seduction. Simple, pure and well defined, it marks a step forward for a woman who is absolutely sure of herself.

It is born from the perfect union of rich citrus and fruit aromas, found and complemented by floral notes that interact peacefully with each other, creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity, the precursor of a complicit and sensual explosion of fiery vanilla notes and a sweet praline.


This female fragrance is clean and fresh like the ocean breeze. Its composition opens with a fresh explosion of crisp green notes additionally sweetened by subtle notes of guaiac wood and licorice scent. A truly unforgettable fragrance.