Pure elegance and good taste, Titto Bluni Profumo Uomo and Titto Bluni Profumo Donna have been created with unique care for those men and women who see elegance as an attitude, as an essence that lasts in time, that can transcend borders and bring cultures together under a single umbrella of style and good taste.

Its fresh citrus floral top note with tangerine and bergamot is a breath of fresh air for the senses. Refreshing hints that slowly become powerful and very masculine thanks to the woody chords from its body. The unmistakable scent of cinnamon becomes here a delicious bridge to aromatic soft sandalwood and sweet vanilla hints.


Is much more than a fragrance—it is the purest essence of Italian elegance and good taste. Designed for men and women who live passionately by transforming their dreams into their lifestyle.



These fragrances for men and women are like being next to the sea, feeling the salt breeze and hearing the waves crash onto the shore. They evoke memories of blissful summer days and a feeling of serenity. Inspired by an escape to an island paradise.


The underlying warmth of this men’s fragrance is enhanced with oriental and spicy touches. A very emblematic and eternal scent designed for authentic, real men.


A cool and simple men’s fragrance with woody hints, an irresistible combination that seduces wherever it goes. Its raw naturalness and hints of spice are what make it both unique and different.

fragrances for him

Titto Bluni fragrances represent an extension of his wardrobe with its enticing colours and exquisite details that symbolise masculinity and are suitable for any occasion.


Fragrances for her

Titto Bluni fragrances for women are the perfect complement to Italian fashion, with its elegant colours and figure-enhancing fabrics. The purest essence of femininity and good taste.


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